Message From Our Mayor
April 13, 2017


Temperatures in the 70's, how much better does it get going into Easter?

Saturday morning about 3:15 a.m. Gladbrook had a first in a long time. Dan and Samantha DeWitt had a home delivery. They had a new baby boy, Cabe George, whom decided to come into this world without waiting to get to the hospital. Baby and mom are doing great. Congratulations to this fine family.

Next good news, Marvin and Judy Wendell will be our grand marshalls for the 2017 Corn Carnival parade. This is a well deserved honor for these life long residents and business owners of our fine community. Congratulations Marvin and Judy.

While on the topic of Gladbrook Corn Carnival, the Gladbrook Commercial Club will start marketing a new product here in town. We will be selling our own Gladbrook brand of coffee under the same type label as the Gladbrook mustard. This will be fresh roasted, either bean or ground coffee and roasted here in Tama County. It is now available at the theatre or calling myself. Try it, I think you'll like it.

More good news; Jeff and Cheryl Bruene were the winners of the Monsanto contest that gives them $2,500.00 to donate to their favorite volunteer organization. They chose the Gladbrook ambulance. Thanks to Jeff and Cheryl to their continued support of our community.

More good news; this year the month of June the Gladbrook swimming pool will be open free of charge for recreational swimming. We will also have swimming lessons that there will be a charge for. All other swimming will be free and sponsored by local businesses and individuals.

Gladbrook garage sales are set for June 3rd. Watch for details at a later date. On June 10th will be the annual town clean-up. This will be a chance to get rid of all your unused junk. Watch for further details on this.

As I am writing this letter, here is the latest on the mainstreet fire cleanup. Everything was going fine with the Wentzien building being completely gone and the basement closed. They had started on the Days in the Sun and the General Store a week ago Friday; when a concerned citizen took it upon themselves to call the DNR. This resulted in shutting down the contractor for testing. They found 2% asbestos and flanging on the roof of Days in the Sun and 1% in the tile flooring of the General Store. Therefore; at this time the DNR are doing more testing before any more work can happen. Depending on the results of those tests, they will see what has to happen and any extra cost. Hopefully the owners and contractor will be able to demolish their buildings with little or additional cost.

In my mind, this would have been a lot better to have this mess cleaned up and out of town then to have an hole open to the air and elements on our mainstreet and our community. If there is asbestos found, it will have to be removed, hauled and buried at the landfill, just as it would have been buried anyway. The only difference is it is going to take 3-4 weeks longer now.

On the same type topic, in the last 6 months, we, the city of Gladbrook, have had concerned citizens call the state on three different occasions about the running of our town. Not once did these concerned citizens take the time to talk to your city council or myself or the department head on their concerns. Instead they just went directly to the state, each time with negative results. If you are a citizen of our town and have a concern, it is definitely your right to complain and try to get the problem fixed. Please do so, but please take the time to talk to your city council person or myself before taking it upon yourself to turn your town into the State of Iowa for a problem that may have been solved right here at home. This is why you have elected a city council and mayor. If that does not work to your satisfaction, there will be an election this fall. Papers are available at city hall.

Mayor Keith Sash

P.S. Gladbrook Investment Co. will be building a spec house on Johnson Street starting in the near future.


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